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Archibald Thorburn 1860 - 1935

Mallard erupt from cover, entitled Duck shooting it appears from the falling feathers that the drake has copped it! The damp detail of a cold morning amongst the reeds and icy lake send a chill through the bones and the movement and colours are true.

Taken from an original water colour painting on the ponds and lakes around Hascombe Surrey.

Turn of the century sporting print still in it's original oak frame having been symphathetically remounted.

From a series first published by Lawrence & Bullen 1899

Approx. Dimensions 81/2 x 15 inches or 22cm x 38cm

Archibald Thorburn was born in 1860, near Edinburgh. From an early age he painted birds, animals and flowers but he specialised in the study of game birds, because he had a tremendous knowledge of ornithology. His reputation was firmly established by his contribution to Lord Lilford's magisterial survey 'Coloured Figures of the Birds of the British Isles', which was published between 1885 and 1898.

His first exhibition was at the Royal Academy at the age of 20, and he was a regular figure there throughout the1880s and 1890s. Thorburn was also suffieciently highly-regarded by his contemporaries to have been asked to paint Queen Victoria on three separate occasions. Generally preferring to work in watercolour, Archibald Thorburn's skill, artistic talent and scientific observation ensured that he was recognised as one of the leading artists of his time.

Today, some now well over a hundred years old, his pictures remain just as bright and fresh as when painted, simply timeless in their accuracy, charm and appeal.

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Archibald Thorburn Mallard erupt from cover Print

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