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A totally charming English cream tea set for five places unfotuanately missing the teapot but such a pretty and rare set comprising of five trio's, milk / cream jug, sugar bowl and eared cake / biscuit / scone plate.

The set comprises of twenty eight pieces in all.

If it's a worry, I am sure a mismatch teapot could be found to complement the set if required.

This was made by Clough's Royal Art Pottery in Longton Staffordshire and I think dates from the 1950's but it could very well be earlier.

Each piece is gilt edged and decorated with pink, yellow and blue summer floral bouquets linked by green and gold scrolls on a sumptious cream background.

This is quality afternoon tiffin on a freshly mown lawn in an English country flower garden down to a tee!

Royal Art Pottery Longton Staffordshire

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