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Nathaniel Gould (1857 – 1919)

Nat Gould was one of the most prolific authors of all time.

Running It Off, an enthralling story of horse racing, love and intrigue by Nat Gould

First Published in 1892. Written in Sydney Australia

This is the Modern Publishing Company edtion printed in London between 1925 &1935.

Hardback red cloth with black block titles to spine Size approx.18 x 12cm.

254 Pages with medical advertisemets to the front and back.

Please see the photo's of the other three titles for sale to get the full flavour of these interesting editions.

During his life he wrote numerous best selling books, normally on a horse racing theme, and was in his day the most widely-read author in the world.

During his relatively short life of just over sixty-one years Nat Gould wrote and published over one hundred and thirty novels and stories. He died at Bedfont in 1919.

Nat Gould is, however, of importance even beyond his huge output of popular novels. Because his books were so widely read, his descriptions of Australian life, based on the eleven years that he spent in Australia, deeply etched themselves in the minds of his readers. Indeed it has been asserted that they were responsible for the impression of Australia held in many other countries.

Running It Off, a horse racing novel by Nat Gould

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