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Watercolour by Charles Taylor the younger entitled “Shipping off Portsmouth “ ,Circa 1880.  Frame size 43” inches by 28.5” inches/ 109 cms by 72cms.  Charles Taylor the younger exhibited work mostly from 1841-1883 and was the son of Charles Taylor Senior(1836-1871) .Charles Taylor the younger lived at Scarsdale Terrace, Kensington and Gloucester Place,Camden Town . Much of his work was tidal and estuary scenes,often showing shipping on the Thames, always in the medium of watercolour. He had great success exhibiting at the Royal Academy between 1846 and 1849, but his main body of work was shown at The Royal Institute of Watercolour Painters between 1843 and 1866. Some examples of his paintings can be seen in the Maritime Museum at Greenwich. This painting is so typical and one of his best -Taylor was brilliant at capturing the movement of the sea and a favoured feature for marine-subject lovers is the mix in the painting of sail and steam, which is shown so well. 

“Shipping off Portsmouth” by Charles Taylor the younger

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